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Dressage Tier super on the trails. Very safe, easy walk.
Very talented sports horse, always striving to do everything possible for their driver. More importantly, that it is very easy to handle and for any level of rider, also Novices - or those people who have not yet ride! Melle And only 5 years old! Sky - the limit for this extremely talented young horse. He has a great retreat movement, and it always works with his ankles underneath. .... this boy has L1-L2 dressage (First level !!). He does not stop ... it also goes to the West, trinket, and he leads the singles, couples and 4 hands!
Melle - deadly boy. It has a long neck and a pretty amazing traffic! He's one of the sweetest and the most daring of orders; Melle - such a treasure! It's also an incredible engine, perfect for almost everything - including a trace ride and safety in traffic. And a bonus ... it is as good as pulling the car, since it is under the seat - see picture above many pages :) He is very focused on the people who worked with him, he is honest.. Horse and very easy to ride and handle in any situation! Once you have gained their trust, he would do everything for you!
What a nice import Meridian dressage ---- already thoroughly tested and broken. This horse is really nice and very comfortable for the rider. Not surprisingly, he sits 3 easy gait --- his father - the current global world champion TSALL SPORTS.

Год рождения 2009 (10 лет)
Цена 850 EUR
Порода Фризская упряжная
Пол мерин
Масть Другое...
Высота в холке (см) 162 cm
Специализация вестерн
Местоположение Dunayka
Родители Black Diamond
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