Arrow 2006, 15.1h, черно-белая краска


Not only Arrow is beautiful and extremely well prepared; his personality is what he has always had on his ranch. The arrow is always the first one to jump to the fence to greet you and will stand like a statue for hours. He is the ideal horse for the whole family. He is one of those rare horses that adapts their personality to the rider's ability on the back. If he feels a more senior, more experienced or an adult, he has a lot of "getting up and going," but when a rider or a small child is riding, he slowly and confidently watches his face. He walked along the path and became an excellent place for horseback riding. He goes straight through the water and not in stages by anything that we showed him! are so excited for the family that gets this horse; he's fantastic! He is the perfect family horse! 8 952-287-5645 VIBER, WHATSAPP

Год рождения 2006 (13 лет)
Цена 90,000 RUB
Порода Пинто
Пол мерин
Масть Другое...
Высота в холке (см) 15 cm
Специализация вестерн
Местоположение Maybe ship
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