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Фризская кобыла


Weil trained mostly everywhere. She has a beautiful conformation and a long mane &
tail. It is very easy for her to drive, also in motion, for breaking and dressage. she is
also a big Friesian mare for amateur riders, and she has the experience of driving with a
marathon carriage also on the roads in motion. and she is a horse for any novice
rider with thinking just gets up, she reacts quickly, she is 100% healthy and
p is up to date according to all records, she is a wonderful family horse, but also great

Год рождения 2013 (6 лет)
Цена 1,400 EUR
Порода Фризская упряжная
Пол кобыла
Масть Вороная
Высота в холке (см) 134 cm
Специализация выездка
Местоположение St. Petersburg
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